COMPIRICUS: A Savant in Value-added Treasury Management

Jörg Pappert, CEO & Howard Chin, Managing Director, COMPIRICUSJörg Pappert, CEO & Howard Chin, Managing Director
Banking treasury management is undergoing a sea change, against the usual routine of cash and liquidity planning and financial trading. Jörg Pappert, CEO of COMPIRICUS observes that of late, the instruments traded by financial institutions are getting more complex, forcing treasurers and investors to seek out a comprehensive system to manage the investments. Smaller financial institutions will generally not invest in the system infrastructure required to manage the increasingly complex investments, ultimately leading to more and more decisions to outsource. With a focus on finance, treasury, and risk management, COMPIRICUS provides hosted application solutions and consulting services for SAP financial solutions to simplify treasury management functions in a cost effective manner. “Many of our employees were a part of the original development team at SAP that built the SAP Treasury and Risk Management (TRM) tool,” says Pappert.

As an SAP service and application development partner for finance, treasury, asset, and risk management, COMPIRICUS supports the deployment of various SAP Financial Supply Chain Management modules, including SAP Treasury and Risk Management (TRM). The company is focused on software solutions and management consulting in parallel. “We know the SAP TRM modules from the very first line of coding and this allows us to configure and customize the sophisticated solutions for our clients,” explains Pappert.

To expedite the implementation process, COMPIRICUS has developed many templates with default system settings and questionnaires to discuss and define unique client requirements,” asserts Pappert. With value added in the form of rapid deployment and customization to SAP TRM, banks get a real-time global view of liquidity processes and reserves. COMPIRICUS also helps clients configure a web interface to aggregate decentralized records and process financial transactions for liquidity and cash management. “With our methodological approach, we translate our customers’ complicated projects into structured implementation projects,” adds Pappert.

We know the SAP TRM modules from the very first line of coding and this allows us to configure and customize the sophisticated solutions

Along with standard TRM implementation, COMPIRICUS realizes complex individual requirements for an integrated solution, coupled with maintenance, leasing, and support commitments. “We offer support on a long-term basis with ad-hoc responses during critical periods,” says Pappert. Additionally, the company also has its own interface package, known as the Financial Adapter for importing and exporting TRM data that integrates numerous application systems with SAP TRM. The Financial Adapter ensures comprehensive supply of financial information such as market, transaction, and inventory data required for TRM.

With its expertise in SAP implementations around TRM, COMPIRICUS has empowered the treasury management of a number of customers. For instance, one of its corporate clients was managing high-volume bond issuances with spreadsheets and a few workarounds in SAP’s general ledger FI-GL to comply with the amortization requirements of U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. With COMPIRICUS, the client was able to manage and post complex bond-issuance related transactions—including sinking funds or callable bonds—and also monitor current and non-current portions of the issuance.

“At COMPIRICUS, our teams work passionately every day in implementation and development projects to create optimized asset, risk, and treasury solutions for our banking clients,” states Pappert. Moving ahead, the company has vested interest in the functional development of solutions based on new technologies and enhancements around SAP platforms. “Our latest products are focused on add-ons to make the SAP financial suite more efficient and easy-to-use for BPO providers with multiple clients from various industries,” comments Pappert. By banking on its expertise in the corporate and insurance industry, COMPIRICUS is all set to expand and move into adjacent industries, such as specialized financial institutions with business outsourcing services.