SS&C Technologies [NASDAQ:SSNC]: Optimizing Liquidity

William C. Stone, Chairman of the Board & CEO, SS&CWilliam C. Stone, Chairman of the Board & CEO A veteran in the financial industry, William C. Stone, Founder and CEO of SS&C Technologies [NASDAQ:SSNC] believes in leveraging technology advancements to deliver enhanced value to its global clientele from the financial industry—providing them a vantage point to stay on top of their financial management challenges. “The financial industry is going through rapid change, as more intelligence is brought to bear on the problems of finance in today’s global economy,” says Stone. With a huge gamut of cutting edge technology solutions and services to address the challenges in the evolving business landscape, Stone heads a team of finance experts to mitigate the complexities in finance management. “Our workforce(s) have the expertise, commitment, potential, and passion to drive the business,” adds Stone. Besides providing solutions for fund administration, accounting and reporting, property management, among several others, SS&C Technologies also provides tailored solutions for treasury management implemented by banks, insurance companies, and other such institutional investors. The solutions offered by SS&C Technologies are designed to reduce the complexity in managing cash flow across systems by providing a unified view of comprehensive finance data.

SS&C Technologies is cognizant of the fast-paced globalization and evolving business market dynamics with transactions spanning many currencies that has given treasury management, a greater role in managing cash flow, liquidity, and in leveraging assets for better business outcomes. While treasury management plays an important part in forecasting and analytics, risk, compliance, and cost and operational efficiency, it is plagued by manual-driven workflow and processes. As such, treasury departments lack the visibility in managing cash flow, liquidity management, and obstructing treasury managers from getting a clear view of the overall global cash position.

SS&C Technologies addresses the prevalent inefficiencies in treasury management, by providing a portfolio of intelligent, automation-driven treasury and securities solutions. From securities origination to transaction processing and control, settlement to reconciliation, and risk management to accounting, SS&C solutions are delivered through in-house deployment or hosted services with round-the-clock support. It also offers solutions and services for fixed-income securities trading, safekeeping, money market processing, collateral management, portfolio accounting, and analytics, as well as asset liability management. The company’s approach to mitigate business, operational and workflow challenges comprises of the Global Treasury Manager (GTM) suite.

GTM is an integrated system that supports a wide range of asset classes for today’s treasury and capital market activities, through its dedicated modules, such as TradeThru, Lightning, and TradeDesk.

We look forward to leveraging our technology and services to immediately deliver greater value to existing and new clients

GTM facilitates consolidation of trade processing, risk management, and settlement processing onto one system. The comprehensive features built into GTM also provide full regulatory reporting and record-keeping alongside providing analytics, and asset/liability management. The ability to perform real-time solutions through GTM allows market participants, such as banks, to predict the feasibility of new product launches. Besides, it also caters to the policy or product change decision needs.

Banks, across the globe, can leverage TradeThru, a fully-integrated best-practices solution for foreign exchange, money markets, interest rate and currency derivatives, securities, and precious metals. TradeThru allows banks to consolidate trade processing, risk management, and settlement processing, through a single system that provides exhaustive features and functionalities for smooth treasury operations. It supports the front office in improving deal-capture, by automating internal transactions and providing pre-trade analytics for compliance, while helping middle office personnel with liquidity, cash, as well as interest-rate risk management.

Web-based Technology Solutions

A solid foundation is the crux for a healthy growth strategy. SS&C Technologies’ Lightning is a fully integrated and comprehensive web-based application service provider (ASP) solution. Lightning provides fully automated trading, sales, funding, accounting, risk analysis, and asset liability management, safekeeping, and more to banks and financial institutions of all sizes and complexities. The comprehensive web-based ASP solution, Lightning, provides seamless integration between front-, middle-, and back-office for straight-through-processing of fixed-income securities. The indicative data, pricing tables, and variable rate tables, delivered through Lightning, in real-time enables users to export vital data instantly into different formats, including text-only and Microsoft Excel. Further, SS&C improves treasury management workflow and processes, through automation implemented via Lightning TradeDesk. As a comprehensive paperless trading system that automates front and middle office tasks of fixed-income transaction processing, TradeDesk simplifies system management to better address customers’ needs. Finally, all this data is transmitted through a secure internet connection, with advanced data encryption, frewalls, and physical security that assures comprehensive security of client data.

Securing Transactions

Mitigation of fraudulent transactions is one of the key attributes of Treasury management. To this end, SS&C provides an array of credit report and background screening products. BANC Mall, a web portal from SS&C provides credit report and collateral valuation information, a feature designed to help community bank and credit union lending. BANC Mall provides accurate and up-to-date access to credit reports and business reports from a single website.

This information enables banks to conduct accurate risk assessment and make smarter credit decisions that drive profitability. SS&C also provides cash management as well as advanced investment performance analysis and compliance service, so that companies can accurately measure and report the performance of their funds easily. It also provides multi-currency calculation and reporting capabilities and advanced ex-post risk analyses with several metrics.

Managing Data, Risk, and Compliance

SS&C Technologies provides automated and integrated risk management solutions that help banks in controlling costs, while meeting stringent compliance requirements. Catering to all asset classes, products, and strategies, the web-based advanced risk management tools of SS&C provide a suite of value-at-risk analysis by performing comprehensive stress-testing that helps banks to understand and mitigate risks. Without requiring additional infrastructure, SS&C’s risk management tools can integrate with client’s systems enabling them to achieve reduced operating cost and best-practices implementation.

"GTM facilitates consolidation of trade processing, risk management, and settlement processing onto one system"

Its Compliance solutions drive transparency across the front-to-back office operations, by seamlessly integrating the multifarious systems with full documentation of methodologies and relevant permissions and security. Visibility and control are driven by SS&C Technologies’ compliance solutions that run automated compliance throughout the trade lifecycle. The pre-trade compliance embedded in the order-management workflow and the automated reports for regulatory compliance help banks meet their regulatory requirements. Based on the needs of the individual businesses, clients using SS&C Technologies’ Compliance offerings can customize their compliance mandates by highlighting critical issues to the right internal audience for resolution. The company’s flexible reporting solutions take data and automate key processes for faster report generation. Facilitating mobility, these reports can also be accessed through a web portal using smartphones.

SS&C Technologies recognizes the importance of data management and visualization in managing cash flow and administration in making better investment decisions. The data visualization capabilities provided by SS&C gives granular information to banks and investment institutions and professionals, helping them to consolidate, aggregate, enrich, and leverage the data streaming from a variety of sources for improved operational control over treasury management. The data model built by SS&C supports a wide range of investment data types including market, reference, and investment information from multiple sources. The company’s rich set of APIs facilitate quick integration into diverse environments and can integrate with a horde of source systems, supporting a broad range of enterprise integration approaches. Intuitive web-based dashboards make viewing and customizing reports and data views easy across the front-to-back office.

As SS&C Technologies has evolved into a global financial software superpower over the years, the company has relied on business and talent acquisition to improve its offerings and product portfolio alongside empowering its workforce to stay productive in the unpredictable investments arena. “We look forward to leveraging our technology and services to immediately deliver greater value to existing and new clients,” says Stone.

- Syed Haseeb Ahmed
    January 30, 2017