American Deposit Management: Affordable and Revenue-generating Treasury Management

Kelly A. Brown, CEO & Managing Partner, American Deposit ManagementKelly A. Brown, CEO & Managing Partner
“At ADM, we know banks—the challenges, the frustrations and their needs,” says Kelly A. Brown, CEO and Managing Partner of American Deposit Management (ADM). With over two decades of entrepreneurial experience in heading several local, regional, and national banks, Kelly acknowledges that most banks seem to struggle with the strategies that pertain to gathering core deposits and pricing current deposits in a rising rate environment. Particularly with respect to deposit gathering, banks are constantly scouting for cost-effective ways to reduce risk, add value to clients, and bring both deposits and new income sources to the business. To address this requirement, Kelly laid the foundation for ADM, a treasury management company that has emerged as a pioneer in deposit aggregation. A middleman for many institutions, ADM acts as a high-tech treasury management escrow agent for its clients.

ADM provides access to deposit insurance for clients nationwide, by partnering with the financial institutions to offer next day liquidity, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) coverage of up to $50 million per TIN, and a competitive yield. “We do not charge banks any fees, since our products are integrated into their existing infrastructure and do not require any accounting or backend support,” explains Brown. ADM’s portfolio features simplified products that provide ease-of-use for its customers. “It’s as easy as: dollar in, dollar out,” she adds.

ADM’s signature product—American Money Market Account (AMMA™)—an insured bank deposit program—offers commercial, governmental, institutional, and trust clients, the ability to garner additional FDIC and NCUA insurance coverage. Brown points-out a scenario, “If customers have deposits in a single financial institution and in a single ownership capacity, they can have access to only $250,000 in deposit insurance at that financial institution,” says Brown.

We do not charge banks any fees, since our products are integrated into their existing infrastructure

“With AMMA, customers can have a safe, convenient way to protect deposits that exceed $250,000, since deposits are disbursed into ADM’s network of select financial institutions, which meet premium standards of stability and rating.”

ADM has successfully performed a broad range of treasury management and financial services for its prominent clientele. At present, the company works with class action funds, Fortune 50 clients, public funds, and other financial institutions. “We are passionate about perfecting our customer’s cash management, fund administration or payment processing strategies,” asserts Brown. For instance, one of ADM’s partner banks desired to bank a local municipality that had over 144 current bank relationships. The bank knew if managed correctly, the client could provide significant fee income, core deposits, and lending opportunities. However, the municipality would not entertain a meeting with the bank, due to ‘bank burnout’—having worked with many banks, they had heard and seen it all. The partner bank called their ADM representative and asked them for help. Once ADM, a registered municipal advisor, worked with the municipality, they were able to streamline their inefficient bank relationships, provide significant operational efficiency and introduce them to an award winning bank for its core relationship. In the end, the bank won a new core client, and the municipality created efficiencies that are still talked about amongst their peers today.

Designed to be simple, competitive, and immediately accretive, ADM’s solutions provide unparalleled bottom line results for its customers. “The combination of experience between the management and our team has given us the ability to create the most robust platform in treasury for short term funds,” states Brown. “We know the needs of banks, regulators, and clients and our products take all three into consideration to provide simplified treasury management.